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Why do the RX Ultra Suave toothbrushes come in four different colors?

We get asked this question a lot!  No, it is not the same toothbrush in four different colors.  Actually, these ultra soft toothbrushes are different from each other.  Each color represents a degree of "softness".  The softest RX Ultra Suave toothbrush is the RED one.  Its bristles are the longest, and therefore the softest of the four brushes that comprise the Ultra Suave series.


The RX Ultra Suave Red, is generally used by oral surgery or implantation patients, chemotherapy patients, or anyone  with extremely sensitive oral tissue.  The ORANGE RX Ultra Suave, is the next softest one, then the YELLOW, and finally the BLUE. 


The rationale for the color coding was to allow patients to gradually move up from a feather soft toothbrush (the RX Ultra Suave Red), to a regular soft toothbrush,  such as the  classic PHB soft toothbrush (which comes in "standard" or "neon" colors).

Written by MJ Stewart — May 01, 2014

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Are your kids afraid of the dentist?

It could be because Mom or Dad are also afraid of the dentist! A recent study suggested that when a member of the family is afraid of going to the dentist, this fear might be transmitted also to other members of the family. Interestingly enough, when Dad is anxious about visiting the dentist, the kids will be too. Of course, if the whole family uses regularly our PHB soft toothbrushes, visits to the dentist should go smoothly. Kids will look forward to brushing their teeth if they are allowed to pick a fun toothbrush. Have you seen our cool PHB Teddy Bear Handle or the PHB Race Car handle toothbrush? How about the PHB Turtle toothbrush for the baby? PHB toothbrushes are BPA and PVC free, and made in the USA. Moms and Dads, remember: do not be afraid of dental visits. The dentist is your friend!


How long have teeth been around? Longer than you think!

In case you were wondering how long ago early creatures developed teeth, a recent discovery showed evidence of a primitive fish species which actually had teeth. Until this discovery, it was believed that very early primitive animals were toothless, and just ate their food with their jaw-bones. While we are on the subject of animals and teeth, we know of some vets (and pet owners) that use our PHB soft toothbrushes to clean their pet's teeth. That is a loving pet owner! Nothing but the best for your "best friend"!


Professional dental cleanings might reduce the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

One more reason to keep up with your oral hygiene: it turns out that, apparently, people that have their teeth professionally cleaned, have a lower risk of heart attacks and lower risk of strokes. Keep on brushing diligently with our wonderful PHB soft toothbrushes!

Coffee will stain your teeth more permanently than tobacco. Watch out coffee drinkers! You already know that food like coffee and chocolate stains your teeth and these stains can be cleaned; but did you know that teeth re-stain faster from drinking coffee than from smoking? What to do? Maybe drink coffee with a straw? In any case, make sure you brush your teeth after drinking coffee, using our PHB soft toothbrushes!

One more thing to worry about getting old: Your teeth!

As you get older (and hopefully, wiser!), remember that taking proper care of your teeth will become even more important. If you brush your teeth too hard, common aging problems such as receding gums, which leads to cavities in the roots of teeth, and also to increased tooth sensitivity, might become even worse. Using the right toothbrush becomes extremely important! Brushing gently and regularly with the PHB soft brushes will keep your smile beautiful into your golden years.


Written by Fiona Shaw — March 04, 2014


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