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We get asked this question a lot!  No, it is not the same toothbrush in four different colors.  Actually, these ultra soft toothbrushes are different from each other.  Each color represents a degree of "softness".  The softest RX Ultra Suave toothbrush is the RED one.  Its bristles are the longest, and therefore the softest of the four brushes that comprise the Ultra Suave series.


The RX Ultra Suave Red, is generally used by oral surgery or implantation patients, chemotherapy patients, or anyone  with extremely sensitive oral tissue.  The ORANGE RX Ultra Suave, is the next softest one, then the YELLOW, and finally the BLUE. 


The rationale for the color coding was to allow patients to gradually move up from a feather soft toothbrush (the RX Ultra Suave Red), to a regular soft toothbrush,  such as the  classic PHB soft toothbrush (which comes in "standard" or "neon" colors).

Written by MJ Stewart — May 01, 2014


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